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Techcrunch: School Districts Are Standing In The Way Of Public School Edtech

No gymnasiums, no cafeterias and no administrators. That’s school policy at AltSchools, a chain of private, for-profit schools backed by the likes of Andreessen Horowitz and Mark Zuckerberg. Students in AltSchools’ mixed-grade classrooms work through “lesson playlists” on iPads or

Rise of Zika fuels pest control brands

Franchise Times, August 2016 While sales are a good thing, mosquito control franchises are expending a lot of energy into walking the fine line between doing business as usual and taking care not to play on already high public hysteria

Specialty Retail 2016 Hall of Fame

Specialty Retail Report, Summer 2016 These role models have shown the industry what it takes to achieve success and stay on top of the rapidly evolving field of specialty retail. They have together clocked years in specialty retail, watching and

Is there a smoother road to success for Tesla in China?

TechCrunch, Dec 27, 2015. Tesla might finally be ironing out the some of the problems that caused its bumpy ride in China, causing some commentators to claim that 2016 could be a “banner year” for Tesla’s efforts there. See TechCrunch

Who pays is challenge for senior care

Senior care franchises have been a fairly recent phenomenon in the United States, getting a start in the ‘90s, yet they have expanded their global footprint to take advantage of the explosion in the demographics ripe for their services.

Pearl Glam

Pearls are enjoying a renewed interest and dominating lookbooks and fashion runways. But these aren’t your grandmother’s staid single strands. Mixed with a variety of other jewels and worked into unexpected canvases such as leather and metals, pearls are being reimagined for the contemporary woman.

An Antiques Primer

Since antiques are great
conversation-starters, they can be
displayed in more interesting ways
that spotlight multiple items. Ball
placed an antique African mask
atop an armoire to draw attention
to both the mask and the furniture.
Huff believes antiques are best
complemented by contemporary art
because each dramatically highlights
the other.

Solid data help emerging brands stay sound

Spray-Net has gotten to the point where franchisees are coming to them; they have not had to sell the franchise too rigorously. Canadian franchise laws, with Ontario province being the strictest one there, do not require the inclusion of an earnings projection in an FDD. Spray-Net’s item 9 is pretty detailed, however, covering training and franchise fees, starter kits, signage, travel expenses and more. Expected expenses range between $247,000 to $304,750.

Beverly Jenkins, Author of Breathless

The whitewashed image of the Marlboro Man notwithstanding, there were a large number of African-American cowboys at the time, Jenkins points out. “I like to put my stories where people of color actually walked so you don’t have to have the conversation of did people of color actually do this or did you make this up,” Jenkins says.

Interview like a boss

Article for Quick tips to ace your first in-person or virtual interview By Poornima Apte Posted: 08/24/17 Updated: 08/25/17 The following article is part of “The Path,” a series to help young people in their first jobs. Sure, you